The world's only naturally
pre-weathered surfaces


Unlimited design
in a variety of colours



  • Natural material  
  • Develops a natural patina
  • Durable and with low to no maintenance
  • 100% recyclable - infinitely
  • Easy to profile and form
  • Extensive range of semi-finished products
  • A wide assortment of roof drainage goods and accessories
  • Wide variety of applications relevant to roof, facade, roof drainage and architectural detail

RHEINZINK-CLASSIC - The natural material in its most original form

RHEINZINK-CLASSIC is the most original of all material options. The bright rolled version has proven itself for more than 50 years of application. Depending on the weather conditions, over time a typical blue-grey patina is formed on the naturally shiny metallic surface. The patina gradually becomes more and more distinctive and develops a unique surface character.

On request, sheets and strips of RHEINZINK-CLASSIC bright rolled can be delivered with a protective plastic film. This product line includes the RHEINZINK roof drainage system as well as the RHEINZINK product range for roofing and façade cladding including specific service profiles.

RHEINZINK is manufactured to exceed the requirements of Euro-Norm Standard DIN EN 988, which prescribes certain minimum material properties for titanium zinc. RHEINZINK is constantly subjected to quality control monitoring according to DIN EN 988, DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 requirements, and additionally by an external inspection through an accredited, independent institute (TÜV Rheinland), according to the “QUALITY ZINC” criteria.

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